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Fenty joins Duncan to support “grandfathering”


The Washington Times reports that DC Mayor Adrian Fenty has finally broken his silence on the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program.  Fenty said

Political leaders can debate the merits of vouchers, but we should not disrupt the education of children who are presently enrolled in private schools through the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program.”

The Times’s headline, “Fenty pushes for school vouchers.” is, however, misleading–in his comments, Fenty is not “pushing” for vouchers.  Instead, he’s pushing to let students currently enrolled in the program be able to keep their scholarships.  This “grandfathering” approach to the program may sound better than the Durbin language in the omnibus bill that would take scholarships away, but it still ends parental choice in DC.  Under Fenty and Duncan’s plan, the program may not burn out but it will still fade away.

Let Mayor Fenty know that you appreciate his support for parental choice but encourage him to support continued funding for the little brothers, sisters, cousins, and neighbors of the kids who are currently enjoying the benefits of the program.


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