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So what can I do?

praying-girlsThe recent passage of the $410 billion omnibus bill ensured that the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program would not continue indefinitely without a fight. In order for the scholarship to continue, it needs to be re-authorized by Congress. We hope that will happen sometime this spring, though as you’ll see in a post below, we have to press our legislators to make this happen.

When we asked our corps of alumni, friends and families to respond to the plight of the DC OSP prior to the omnibus vote, you were generous in offering your time and talents. Many said, “I’m in. What do you want me to do?”

We hope this blog helps answer that question.  As we gear up for a longer fight and prepare for success in helping the scholarship program get reauthorized, we need your tenacious support now more than ever.

What can I do?

Educate yourself: Read the posts on this blog, which we’ll update with news stories every week.  Click on the “Parental Choice 101” tab at the top of the page and read the primers we’ve created that provide an overview of the parental choice issue, the Opportunity Scholarship Program, and the success of Catholic schools. Follow the links on the “Editorials and opinions” tab to learn what others around the country are saying about the issue. Become a voracious reader and an informed advocate for parental school choice!

Educate your social network: Tell your friends, families, coworkers, students and your entire circle how you feel about this issue.  Get your people engaged.  Point them toward the the primers and editorals too. Spread the word!

Make your voice heard: Call, write, and email the people listed on the “Make your voice heard!” tab at the top of this page. Let the folks in power know that you want the Opportunity Scholarship to continue and that you support a parent’s right to choose a good school for their children.

Take a leadership role: Take advantage of one of ACE Fellowship’s outstanding summer opportunities for leadership development (see posting below for more details).  Let the Fellowship know what else you would like to do to help out. What ideas do you have? Who do you know that can get things done in Washington or in your home state? Let us know that you are interested in helping to lead this fight. Contact us at ace.fellowship@nd.edu or call us at 574-631-3165 to let us know how you want to lead.

Let us know what you’re up to: We’re anxious to hear how Fellowship members are working to expand parental choice.  Did you call your senator?  Did you talk to the faculty at your school?  Did your students send postcards to Congress? Tell us about your experience by commenting on this blog to let others know what you’re doing.

Stay plugged in: Bookmark this site and check back often. We will update this blog with new information as it happens. Keep checking this site and others to stay up to date on the reauthorization process.

Thank you for joining the fight.  We appreciate your outpouring of support and interest. With your help, we hope to save the DC OSP and expand parental choice options for all parents who want more for their children.


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