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The faces of opportunity

No matter what the issue, there’s always a danger that public policy discussions will take place in isolation from those who will be affected most by policy decisions.  So it is reassuring that the stories of several children receiving the DC OSP have been highlighted recently in the Catholic Standard, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Washington.

Today, read about Julio, a fifth-grader at St. Thomas More School, whose mother Vonette has seen him vonetteflourish thanks to the Opportunity Scholarship.  See the Catholic Standard’s webpage to find out how Vonette has been fighting to keep the scholarship.

Earlier installments in the series:

Read about Brenda and Katherine, two sisters whose Opportunity Scholarships allowed their family to choose the safer, more structured environment of Sacred Heart School.  More at this page.

Tsion and Meckias, the children of refugees who fled the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea, have found increased motivation at St. Anthony’s School.  Find their story here.

And Ronald, an Archbishop Carroll High School sophomore, credits the Opportunity Scholarship for his ronald-holassiesuccess at becoming the DC deputy youth mayor for legislative affairs.  Read about his experience and goals for the future in this article.

Stay tuned to this blog for more profiles of the families and children who will be helped most directly by increased parental choice–or whose lives will be most disrupted if the DC OSP is not reauthorized.


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