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Williams: Education, “by any means necessary”

Too often education reform is seen as a nearly decades-long process whose best ideas are always to be found in the future.

Former DC mayor Anthony Williams, the father of the DC Opportunity Scholarships Program, reminds us that the poor state of U.S. education is not just a political issue, but an issue of justice. As such, it demands urgency.

In an editorial in the Washington Post, Williams and former DC Council member Kevin Chavous challenge officials to use any means necessary to improve education quality and equality:

Ensuring that every American child receives equal access to high-quality education represents our last civil rights struggle. By any objective measure, the educational offerings we provide for our children, particularly children of color, do them a disservice. …

The reality of our children’s deficits demands much more than we have given them. Platitudes, well-crafted speeches and the latest three-to-five-year reform plan aren’t good enough. We must find ways to educate every child now, by any means necessary.

It was that spirit that led us, as elected officials of the District in 2003, to promote the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program.”

Read their entire editorial here.


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